About Us

July 3, 2016

WeFo has been operating in the United Arab Emirates with expert technical wings. WeFo is specied in low current systems in order to provide the service required by the client which reduce the operations and maintenance cost and maximize the utilities of all systems beneciaries. Our services covers a broad eld of technologies that include, bre optic transmission solutions, Ethernet, Wireless LAN, IP TV, IP Telephony and etc.

We have the full complement of skills and operational capabilities necessary to provide our customers with leading edge technology solutions at aordable cost and delivered to the highest quality. We have an extensive experience of latest technologies to deliver more values to clients. WeFo has the capability to provide full turnkey network implementation from initial design through to commissioning, and maintenance support.

We provide clients with a rst class service and continue to develop our capabilities both in terms of geographical reach, design and service portfolio including next generation networking and optical communication technologies




To achieve top level of our clients satisfaction and less tension. So we are providing suitable solutions and service through highly skilled engineers & technicians who have a genuine passion for their work and dedicated to excellence in their responsibilities.

WeFo is to emerge as a leading market player in building solutions by touching new horizons of excellence and oering unique as well as cost eective solutions to our clients by measurably improve safety and service.


Our mission is to provide building services which will exceed clients’ expectations and continue leading the market with integrity and an uncompromising standard of quality. We will accomplish this by evolving and responding to changing market conditions, building a performance driven by customers; by improving jobsite productivity through eective job controls; maintaining a safe workplace and utilizing the latest technology and by creating an environment that fosters growth, condence and development of our people.